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Warren National Park WA

Warren National Park WA Warren National Park WA encompasses some of the south-west’s most spectacular karri forest. Karri trees reach heights of almost 90 metres. Karri trees also tower over an enchanting world of lush undergrowth. Also wildflowers and colourful fungi live under these ...Read More

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world. RFDS uses the latest in aviation, medical and also communications. Delivering extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to those who ...Read More

VKS-737 Radio Network

VKS-737 Radio Network VKS-737 Radio Network is a HF Radio communications network. Licensed to serve Australian travellers on land, sea and also air. Primarily, they provide safety orientated information, pass on messages and arrange rescue/support for people in difficulties. With their many strategically located bases, ...Read More

Satellite Telephones

    Satellite Telephones Satellite telephones can provide telephone calls, voicemail, text, email messaging, and GPS location data, almost anywhere in the world. Satphones are now a viable option because some are also cheaper to purchase than HF Radios. They cost very little to ...Read More

HF Radio

HF Radios Hf radios use frequencies in the range of 2 to 25MHz. HF offers reliable communications in remote areas. The two most popular brands of radios are Codan & Barrett. You have to have a licence to operate a HF. Use HF Radios ...Read More

UHF Radio

UHF Radio (Radio Frequency 476.425 – 477.400 MHZ) UHF Radios are the most popular radio installed in 4 x 4 & trucks. They are best for communicating with a range of about 10 to 40km maximum. By using repeater stations it is possible to ...Read More

Conto Campground WA

Conto Campground WA Conto Campground WA located approximately half way between Margaret River and Augusta. The campsite is near many natural and tourism attractions. This makes the South West Capes area of Western Australia world famous. The campground is among coastal peppermint forest. Only ...Read More

Campbells River NSW

Campbells River Camping Area NSW Campbells River NSW Campsite is a spacious camping spot in a grassy clearing on Campbells River. Throw a line in or kick back and enjoy the river from the comfort of your camp chair. To get here, take Rockley ...Read More

Coolah Tops National Park NSW

Coolah Tops National Park NSW Location: Coolah Tops is 258 km northwest of Sydney. Sitting at the junction of the Warrumbungle and Liverpool ranges Description: Sitting at the junction of the Warrumbungle and Liverpool ranges, Coolah Tops National Park is a beautiful landscape of giant grass ...Read More

Winches Safe Use

Winches Safe Use Winches safe use in any recovery situation is vital. We all will get stuck and need pulling out eventually. What shall we use? There a variety of recovery products on the market. These range from winches to Tred Tracks. Tred recovery tracks ...Read More

Overland Track Tasmania

Overland Track Tasmania Overland Track Tasmania is one of Australia’s most famous bush walks, situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania. More than 8000 walkers each year complete the track. Officially, the track runs for 65 km from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. This track is for experienced ...Read More

Bibbulmun Track WA

Bibbulmun Track WA Bibbulmun Track WA is a long distance walking trail in Western Australia. It runs from Kalamunda, east of Perth to Albany. The track is 1,003.1 kilometres long. The name comes from the Bibbulmun, or Noongar people, Indigenous Australians from the Perth ...Read More

Six Foot Track NSW

Six Foot Track NSW Six Foot Track is a great bush walking track. You access this track about 1km out of Katoomba. It was originally a bridle trail from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves, and is now a walking trail of some 44.3 kilometres. ...Read More

Kimberly Off Road Camper Trailer

Kimberly Off Road Platinum Camper Trailer  2016 Platinum Kimberly Off Road Camper Trailer are great for camping. They are one of the ultimate 4×4 off road campers that money can buy. While there are many campers on the market this is quality. Quality is important ...Read More

Tred Tracks

Tred Tracks TRED recovery tracks are the ultimate off road recovery device. No traction? Treds designed to recover four-wheel drives. Engineered and manufactured in Australia. Made from the highest quality materials. TREDs can also handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact. Tred ...Read More
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