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Birdsville Track

Birdsville Track is a notable outback road in Australia. The 517 km track runs from Marree,  in South Australia, north across the Tirari Desert and Sturt Stony Desert, ending in Birdsville in south western Queensland.

In former years the track was of a very poor quality and suitable only for high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles, but it has been upgraded to a full-scale dirt road and is now a popular tourist route. It is also used by stock trucks carrying livestock.

The path traverses the driest part of the country with less than an average 100 mm of rainfall annually. The area is extremely barren, dry and isolated, and anyone wishing to travel the track must carry fresh water, supplies, fuel, and spare parts for their vehicle with them in case of emergencies.

Up until the 1930s only stock and camel trains would take the Birdsville track. Nowadays it has become a very popular track. As a result, the track is reasonably well maintained and generally fairly smooth. However like any outback track, its condition can change, especially after rain. Large stretches of the track can still be destroyed by flash flooding and drifting sand.

Fuel, supplies and facilities, including a hotel, can be found on the track at the Mungeranie Station (population: 3) or known as the Mungeranie Hotel, 204 km from Marree and 313 km from Birdsville.

The Birdsville track like many other outback tracks in Australia can be an enjoyable experience with good preparation. Make sure that you prepare well so you can have a safe trip for all those travelling with you. Also seek advice from 4WD Clubs, government agencies and others you meet on the road.

Birdsville Track Road Conditions Updates  

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Map of the Birdsville Track

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