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Camping Fridges guide can help you decide whether to buy a esky or a fridge / freezer for camping. There are many brands of camping fridge freezers on the market but as they say you only get what you pay for. Choose wisely and only spend your money once.


One of the hardest things with camping is keeping your food frozen/cold and drinks cool. Basically you have two choice use a esky or a powered fridge. Which one? Your budget will determine this and where you are going. Eskies range from $50.00 that keep cool for a few hours or one that will last up to 7 days with ice to the deep chest type that can last a few weeks with ice or gel packs but are $500.00 plus. But with any esky using ice or frozen gel packs, if some leaves the top open, opened frequently or if very hot the ice/gel pack will not last the distance.

If you are going for one night, the weekend or the local ice supplier is near by a esky is fine in hot weather. We have a Coleman 58L  Xtreme with wheels esky retailing for $189.00. It has Thermo Zone Insulation and will last up to 7 day with ice. Ideal for one night, weekend or if ice is readily available.

Coleman Esky

coleman esky


3 Way Fridge / Freezer 

The next level for your food and drink is the 3 way fridge/freezer. They come as a fridge or a freezer or combined. The fridges cool down to about -4 degrees good for keeping eggs, bacon, cheese and drinks cool. The 3 way freezer can be used as a fridge or a freezer. We have two one is used as a fridge the other as a freezer. Our Electrolux 3 way freezer will go down to about -18 degrees which is excellent for keeping food frozen. When using the 3 way fridge camping, they perform the best when operating on gas. A small 4kg bottle will last 2 weeks a 9kg bottle 4 weeks.

Many people plug them in at home on 240 volts before leaving. They put their food in it and run it on the 12 volt supply to the camp site and change over to gas. A good idea? NO. The problem is the 12 volt system is not designed to operate while driving (unlike a Engel/Waeco). The fridge has to be level at all times, so the going up and down hills on the way the camp site will burn it out. How do you get around this? Put all your food in a esky with ice and when you get there set up the gas and set for fridge or freezer mode. The price for the three 3 way fridge is around $300 – $500 new and the freezer model $900 -$1200

Engel or Waeco?

The next level of fridge / freezer is the famous Engel or Waeco. These are just like your fridge at home and run on 240v or 12v. These can be plugged into the 240v at home, loaded up with your food cooled or frozen, then put in the car and operated on 12 volts from the car. When you arrive at the campground you can switch over to the solar panel / battery system. Our solar panels will run a engel during the day and use the batteries at night. These are an excellent fridge/freezer no ice needed. You can buy different models either just a fridge, one that is either a fridge or freezer or the combi model that has both fridge / freezer compartments. Also they come with an insulation bag that increases there performance.

Which camping fridges will you choose? Your budget, where you going and the time of the year will determine this. Some further information is provided on Engel and Waeco below.

Engel Fridge Freezers

Engel Camp Fridge

For over fifty years the best Portable Fridge-Freezer available is the Engel. It has demonstrated its strength and reliability of service in many aspects of the Australian way of life. From the Outback to the beach, Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers are a part of our country. Since 1962 well over three million Engel Portable Fridge-Freezers have been manufactured and sold all over the world. From Australia to Africa, from Europe to the USA, campers, caravanners, four wheel drivers and people in many other pursuits and professions have relied on this proven portable fridge freezer for their enjoyment, pleasure and income.

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Waeco Fridge Freezers

waeco fridge

The WAECO range of portable refrigeration offers reliability for your trip away, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

The CoolFreeze and CFX range of portable fridge/freezers provide excellent cooling and freezing performance from the beach to the outback and include features such as tough polypropylene construction,  durable features and full in built battery protection.

The Dometic and WAECO 3-Way Absorption coolers, fridges and freezers offers great versatility for campers  providing all the freedom you need. Gas operation on a remote location, convenient 240 volt hook-up at the campsite, power supply from the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle – anything is possible!

The CoolPro and CoolFun range of thermoelectric coolers are easy to transport and ideal for a picnic in the park whilst the Cool-Ice iceboxes offer long term ice keeping anywhere. The stylish MyFridge wine climatiser will come in handy for outdoor entertainment whilst Dometic sanitation will help out at the campsite.


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