camping tips

Camping Tips

Camping Tips to Make Your Next Camping Trip More Enjoyable. Having the right equipment or knowledge can make your camping trip much more enjoyable so our Camping Hints and Advice can help you.


(1) Use Ice Cubes to Clean your Grill

Yes, you can get your grill looking pristine clean once more by simply making proper use of ice cubes which should be allowed to melt on a hot grill as the melting of ice will then completely remove dirt and grease.


(2) Use a Silver Tarp

A Silver Coated Tarp like the Oztrail Ultrarig will not only keep you dry but will also reflect the heat unlike the traditional blue tarp.


(3) Keeping Spiders etc Out of Your Tent

When you set up your tent spray Mortein Nature Guard around the perimeter of the tent. Other Fly Sprays will not work as effectively. This will keep spiders etc away.

Some Supermarkets do not sell Mortein NaturGard. Most Bunnings Stores sell it.

Camping Tips Mortein Fly Spray for Camping

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