enhanced 4wd suspension


Enhanced 4WD Suspension

Enhanced 4WD Suspension is a quality product. Proven by 4WD competitions throughout Australia. EFS has also proven itself by 4WD enthusiasts around the world.
EFS Suspension is not just a Shock Absorber but a complete integrated suspension package of Springs, Shocks and Components. These work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics and also greater off road ability.
EFS has designed and developed a high quality suspension system to combat Australia’s harsh off road conditions. Therefore,  EFS range is under constant development & is put through the harshest tests with our sponsored competition vehicles.

The dedicated EFS research and development team have excelled in the fine tuning of shock absorbers, coil & leaf springs and components. Now with the development of also the EFS Elite range.
The EFS engineers spend countless hours at the EFS Shock Absorber Dynamometer Facility. Here they fine tune the internal shock absorber valving to suit each make and model of vehicle. This means that you also have a product that gives you on road performance and off-road excellence.

EFS stand behind their product with a 3 year / 100,000 km Warranty

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