Offroad Camper Trailers

Offroad Camper Trailers

Offroad Camper Trailers with fully integrated 4×4 suspension are the best for any 4WD Track. They also make camping in the bush or outback pleasurable. Therefore,  Quality 4×4 off road camping trailers will also last a long time. Cheap offroad camper trailers will eventually fall apart. Therefore, make sure you make a good choice when choosing a 4wd off road camping trailer.

The Camper Trailers listed here are quality offroad trailers. Quality brands such as Patriot, Ultimate, Conqueror, Kimberley and also Big Foot Campers. These campers will travel on 4×4 tracks because of there 4wd suspension. Off road camper trailers should be able to with stand the rigours of the Australian bush and also the outback. We recommend looking at the these campers and also avoid cheaper camper trailers made overseas.

Finally, see our how to choose the right camper trailer page offroad caravans page and also choosing the right sleeping bag page.


Patriot Campers 1 Activity Crescent, Molendinar, Queensland 4214. Ph: 07 5597 0638 Email: Website:

Ultimate Camper Trailers 39-41 Shelley Road, North Moruya Business Park, Moruya NSW 2537 Ph: Tel: (02) 4474 4410 Email: Website:

Conqueror Offroad Camper Trailers 16 Forge Close, Sumner Park 4074 Ph: (07) 3376 6856 Website:

Kimberley Camper Trailers 20-24 Piper Drive, PO Box 5026, Ballina, NSW 2478, Australia Tel: 02 6686 7344 Website:

Pioneer Campers Phone: 1300 325 556 Website: