Offroad Caravans

Can a caravan actually go off road? 

Offroad Caravans can go off road the same as 4×4 camper trailer. When viewing Caravans for off road use, check they have a strong chassis, decent tyres and also stone protection. These are just a few of the items to look at.

See the quality brands listed here such as Trakmaster, Kedron, Goldstream, Bushtracker, On the Move, Sunland and Roadstar Caravans.

Therefore, before purchasing an off road caravan, browse the quality brands listed.

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Trakmaster Kimberley Platinum Series If you’re in the market for an off road pop-top, have a look at this rig. Browse Trakmaster Off road Caravans.

Goldstream Offroad Rhino Browse Goldstream Caravans

Bushtracker 14ft Pop-Top. Noteworthy, are Bushtracker caravans built for serious outback travel. Browse Bushtracker Off road Caravans

On The Move Grenade The Grenade is an offroad caravan and there are a few clues to this on the drawbar. Browse On Move Caravans Off Road Caravans

Sunland Blue Heeler Sunland’s Blue Heeler offroader has proven itself to be very capable. Browse Sunland Offroad Caravans.

Retreat Hamilton Off road Fully off road with all the fruit needed for remote outback touring. Browse Roadstar Offroad Caravans.