Oztent with Sides and front Panel Fitted Picture

Oztent Setup

30 Second Oztent RV Instant Touring Tent Promotional Video

Watch this Oztent setup. Oztents promotional video on there 30 second RV Oztent. It shows how one person can setup the Oztent. When out of the bag they supply, one person can set it up. They can with stand strong winds, and are totally waterproof. Even condensation is almost non existent. Therefore, making the Oztent the best tent for camping. Watch this video to see the tent in action.


Want to know more? The tents available and there sizes? Oztents also come in 5 Models varying in size they are the: RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4, RV5. There are many ways the tent can be setup, whether a overnight stay or a week or more. Yes, there are many tents on the market today but the Oztent really is worth the investment. To see the full range of Oztents available view our Oztent Range Page

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