PDF Camping Checklist


PDF Camping Checklist


PDF Camping Checklist

Equipment – Clothing – Food – Entertainment

4×4 Camping Action provides a free PDF Camping Checklist to download. It lists essential camping gear and supplies that you will need. Items which are often left at home such as a hammer, axe,  aeroguard, duct tape, rope, warm clothing, extra blankets, medication, water and fire wood are listed. The camping equipment you may take will vary to the length of stay and the time of the year. Also, make sure you can fit these into your vehicle, camper trailer or caravan.

Camping should be an enjoyable time. This list has been made from years of camping. Just about everything you may need for camping to enjoy the camping trip are listed. And don’t forget even when summer take warm clothing and warm sleeping bags and even hot water bottles. When camping locations will become cold during the night. And it is very hard to sleep when you are cold. See our Selecting Sleeping Bags Page and Selecting the Right Tent Page. So enjoy your next camping adventure.

We have some great tips for camping. See our Camping Tips Page.

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PDF Camping Check List  

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