Off Road Camper Trailers Picture
Off Road Camper Trailers Picture
Off Road Camper Trailers Picture
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Selecting Off Road Camper Trailers

Choosing Off road camper trailers can make camping an exciting experience. Camping trailers provide all the creature comforts of home like top quality king/queen size mattress beds, fridge/freezers and a kitchen. They have room to bring all those creature comforts that make camping more enjoyable. You can have all the creature comforts of home in a Offroad Camper Trailer.

What type / brand Off  Road Camper Trailer should I purchase? There are a number of brands on the Australian market. Listed below are some things to look for:

[1] Avoid cheap off road camper trailers. 

Why? At first they may seem a bargain price. Like the old saying ” You only get what you pay for”. What are you getting?

Frame: The tubing on the frame is a thinner gauge and will bend on cheap models.

Hinges: The hinge where the tubing connects for most is plastic and often breaks.

Canvas: The canvas on cheaper campers is often poor quality. When inspecting a camper get the seller to fold it out. Does the canvas sag between the frame? A good quality camper trailer canvas is taut when set up.

Welding: The welding should go all the way along seams where the sheet metal and steel join. Many cheaper models are only tack welded. These are few important things to check for.

[2] On or off road camper trailers? 

If you are only going to the standard campground (Access where no 4wd is needed) just your standard on road (standard spring/axle, wheels same as your home box trailer) camper trailer will do. Much cheaper than an off road model. Going off the beaten track? An off road model is needed. A off road model has bigger wheels (Helps with ground clearance), a swivel towing coupling/hitch (If the trailer rolls it does not take the vehicle with it. Ie: Tregg Hitch) suspension to accommodate the rough terrain it may be on. Thus the cost is much higher.

[3] Standard Off Road Camper Trailers or Hard floor? 

A standard Camper Trailer is your conventional flip out to the side, then you add the annexe. The hard floor model is the one that is hinged at the back and swings up and over the camper base. It is much quicker but more expensive.

If you consider the above, it will help you on which off road camper trailers to purchase. Where you will be going, your budget all determine on which one you will buy.

Below are the 2 types of trailer hitches the tregg hitch being the ultimate hitch as it allows the trailer to swivel and helps prevent the vehicle from rolling if the trailer rolls over.


Standard Trailer Hitch 

Standard Trailer Coupling Picture


Tregg Off road Trailer Hitch

Tregg Hitch Picture
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