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Trailer Towing Guide information is supplied by Gary Gardiner, Hayman Reese Technical Towing Expert


7 Tips for Safer Towing


Towing Tip # 1

Identify Your Holiday And Towing Requirements

Before your next towing adventure, ask yourself the following questions;

1. Where do you want to go?
2. What type of roads are you likely to be travelling on?
3. How long are you travelling for?
4. Do you have suitable towing equipment?
Weight Distribution Systems are not recommended for off road use.

Trailer Towing Guide   Trailer Towing Guide


Towing Tip # 2

Know Your Vehicle

1. Know your vehicles maximum tow rating.
2. Know your trailer ball weight.
3. Know the fully loaded weight of caravan/trailer.

A caravan’s maximum weight/ trailer ball weight, must not be greater than your vehicle’s maximum tow rating.


Towing Weights


Towing Tip # 3

Know Your Towbar Capacity

If you have an existing towbar:

1. Identify if you have a Standard or Hitch Receiver towbar.

2. Identify the maximum towing capacity of your towbar.

If you need to purchase a towbar:

• Contact your nearest Hayman Reese distributor so they can recommend which towbar will suit your towing application.

• View our Online Catalogue to see what towbars are available for your vehicle make and model.

• If required email info@haymanreese.com.au for some friendly towing advice. Or phone 1800 812 017

The type of towbar you have will determine what accessories you can use. NEVER exceed your towbar’s maximum towing capacity!

Click Here for more information on the different types of Hayman Reese towbars available.


Towing Weights


Towing Tip # 4

Install A Brake Control Unit

All trailers with a GTM exceeding 750kg must have brakes

Different options of Hayman Reese brake controllers include;

Click here for more information on Hayman Reese Brake Controllers.

Pendulum / Proportional Guardian IQ (Part Number 05900)


Hayman Reese Brake Control Unit

Towing Tip # 5

Use A Weight Distribution System

  • Why do you need a Weight Distribution System?
    • Ensure your system is set up correctly

When using the Weight Distribution System the ball weight remains the same. However the load is evenly distributed through the vehicle’s chassis to all four wheels. It is important that the capacity of the system is correctly chosen and the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations are always followed.


Did You Know?

Towing without a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System can cause unnerving trailer sway, reduced steering / braking responsiveness, less traction and misaligned head lamps. Over time you may also notice a reduction in economy and increased tyre wear.
Click Here To View Hayman Reese’s Range Of Premium Weight Distribution Systems.


IncorrectTrailer Weight Distribution

Correct Trailer Weight Distribution


Towing tip # 6

Use A Sway Controller

When travelling with a trailer, strong winds from large trucks and buses can result in unnerving trailer sway.

A sway controller is designed to be used in conjunction with a Hayman Reese Weight Distribution System. This prevents trailer sway by retarding the pivotal movement between the tow hitch and the trailer.


Click Here to view information on the Sway Controller & Dual Cam High-Performace™ Sway Controller


Hayman Reese Sway Bar



Towing Tip # 7

Use Common Sense!

Educate yourself about the above information. Therefore it is better to take time to prevent problems from occurring than dealing with them when it’s too late. Contact your nearest Hayman Reese distributor before that next trip!


Caravan Over Turned


Summary of this Trailer Towing Guide

  1. Identify Your Holiday And Towing Requirements
  2. Know Your Vehicle
  3. Know Your Towbar Capacity
  4. Install A Brake Control Unit
  5. Use Weight Distribution System
  6. Use A Sway Controller
  7. Common Sense Needed