Tred Recovery Tracks

Designed to maximize traction

TRED recovery tracks are the ultimate all-in-one off road recovery device. Specially designed to get your four-wheel drive or ATV out of trouble when traction is lost. Engineered and manufactured in Australia from only the highest quality materials. TREDs are designed to handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact.

Intense reviews of every fine detail in the design process make TRED the best choice for your recovery. These tracks have a designated shovel feature, extreme hex grip nodules, aggressive ramp entry teeth and ultimate wear resistant properties. Recovery tracks will allow you to explore with confidence.

TRED is available in two sizes to ensure storage and accessibility is never an issue. They are an essential piece of equipment for your off road recovery kit. From full scale recovery for the serious off road tourer to recreational family trips. Even commercial applications TRED have shown impressive results across all usage types.

TRED can eliminate the hazardous practices of other vehicle recovery options involving highly stressed components such as steel cables, shackles, snatch straps and winches. This will keep your family and vehicle safe.

The TRED 800 series

The TRED 800 series are specifically designed with smaller vehicles in mind. TRED 800 offer great peace of mind for anyone driving a two-wheel drive vehicle in areas that could result in loss of traction (e.g. rural properties, weekend drives, icy car parks). TRED 800 by no means takes a back seat to the TRED 1100. Many large off-road specialists carrying both the 1100 and 800 sizes. The 800 serve as a great option for tricky recovery spaces where positioning of the 1100 is a little tight. Sold in pairs. Even if you have a full gamut of recovery gear, your recovery kit isn’t complete until you have a pair of TREDs. 800 series as shown measure 31″ long. Sold as a pair. Pair weighs just under 5kg.

About TRED

TRED by the Evolve Group is a specialist in product design, engineering and manufacturing, using extensive knowledge and experience to produce the best in market solutions. They are are 100 per cent Australian owned and operated with all processes including design, engineering, manufacturing and material suppliers strictly Australian.

They offer a range of off road and recreational vehicle products which continue to grow rapidly as we bring more innovations to market.

There product design and material selection processes are trialed with the harsh Australian environment in mind. There advanced design engineers and material development partners allows them to manufacture products that are affordable, allowing greater access to the wider market.

They have partnered with various other leading product manufacturers to bring you a wide range of products covering the off road and recreational vehicle market. This range includes the Explore range of RV products and the Mean Mother range of serious off road winches and recovery gear.

History of Recovery Products

Recovery boards have been getting off roaders out of trouble for centuries. From the days of horse-drawn buggies, vehicles have got themselves stuck. With the need for recovery, starting out and still sometimes today with assistance from tree branches, timber or rocks. As transport has improved, so too have the means of aiding in recovery. With off road 4×4 vehicles available today means you have the ability to explore further off the beaten track. And more people are taking advantage of weekends spent exploring local beaches and state forests.

With WWII and the introduction of the Willies Jeep and Land Rover, saw the development of different forms of aids to assist in recovery of vehicles. These helped to cross creeks and crevices, such as sand ladder or punched steel tracks. The iconic Land Rover was often pictured with a set of steel tracks hanging off the side somewhere.

Today there are various forms of steel, timber, rubber and poly recovery ramps available offering a similar range of features. TRED sets itself apart due to ease of use and its specifically designed features. The two-in-one design of both a shovel and a heavy duty highly engineered recovery ramp make TRED the ultimate Total Recovery & Extraction Device.


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Tred Recocery Tracks Life Time Warranty