Trout Fishing Tasmania

Tasmanian Trout Fishing


Trout Fishing Tasmania

Trout Fishing Tasmania lists the best fishing spots for rainbow and brown trout in Tasmania. Licences, Fishing Guides, Accommodation and Weather. You can catch Fresh Water Brown & Rainbow Trout in Tasmania.

Tasmania surrounded by water, has some spectacular marine fishing from the sea, bays, rivers, dams and lakes.

Tasmania has a world class trout fishery. The Central Highlands boasts over 3000 lakes and tarns, most of which hold trout. Many are accessible only by foot. But the journey can also be a reward in itself as the walk can be spectacular.

What can I expect to catch?

You can catch wild trout in crystal clear waters surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, access prime fishing locations easily from major cities of Devonport, Launceston & Hobart. Fishing for a variety of trout and salmon at a single spot or at several spots within the one day.

Tasmania recreational fishery is based around four species of introduced salmonids (trout and salmon). Tasmania’s wild brown trout fishery, in particular, attracts anglers from interstate and overseas. The fishery also caters for a wide range of angling interest. Anglers have the choice of fishing many small streams that teem with brown trout in the 500 gram range. Also stalking larger fish in the shallow margins on many hundreds of lakes is possible.

For the intrepid angler, vast areas of National Park and World Heritage Areas contain excellent trout waters. These areas enable the outdoor enthusiast to combine trout fishing with bushwalking for the ultimate wilderness fishery experience.

The climate, particularly in the central highlands, is highly changeable. Beware and prepared that a sunny day can end up being snow and ice. Research the Weather forecast before you leave on a fishing trip and check the live webcams in the highlands.

Central Highlands Live WebCams Click Here

Some local advice on where to fish and what to use, could make the difference to a successful fishing experience. Tasmania has a healthy network of angling clubs throughout the State and a string of accredited trout guides. Valuable advice is also available through tackle stores, where you can also purchase a fishing licence.

Angler Access brochures, which contain maps of the fishing spots are also available.

Below is info on fishing clubs and guides. Also you will need a license which we discuss next.

Where can I fish in Tasmania?

The lakes below are Hydro Tasmania Lakes that generate electricity. Check to see if they are open for fishing. Also please observe the water speeds, laws of boating. Keep off Hydro Tasmania fenced off areas, lake edges, dam walls and property. You can also check the levels of the lakes below by going to Hydro Tasmania Lake level page CLICK HERE

Listed are Lakes you can Fish and Location

 Lake / Dam  Nearest Town Location
Lake St ClairCradle MountainCentral Highlands
Lake King WilliamDerwnt BridgeCentral Highlands
Lake LiapootahWayatinahCentral Highlands
Wayatinah LagoonWayatinahCentral Highlands
Lake CatagunyaWayatinahCentral Highlands
Lake RepulseOuseCentral Highlands
Cluny LagoonOuseCentral Highlands
Meadowbank LakeOuseCentral Highlands
Lake PedderStrathgordonWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake GordonStrathGordonWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake BurburyQueenstownWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake PlimsollQueenstownWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake MurchisonQueenstownWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake MackintoshQueenstownWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake RoseberyTullahWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake PiemanRoseberyWest Coast of Tasmania
Lake MackenzieSheffieldNorthern Tasmania
Lake RowallanSheffieldNorthern Tasmania
Lake ParanganaSheffieldNorthern Tasmania
Lake CethanaSheffieldNorthern Tasmania
Lake BarringtonSheffieldNorthern Tasmania
Lake GairdnerSheffieldNorthern Tasmania
Lake PaloonaSheffieldNorthern Tasmania

Map of Tasmania

Tasmanian Trout Fishing Map of Tasmania


Where do I get a Tasmanian Fishing licence?


A Full Season licence runs for 12 months from 1st August to 31 July each year. Short Term licences are also available for periods of 28 days, 7 days and 48 hours.

You can also purchase or renew an angling licences online here.

Licences available from Service Tasmania shops and authorised licence selling agents.

Fishing Licence Costs Check Website Above for any Updated Prices

Fees for the 2017-2018 Angling Season


Licence Renewal

Five Season
Renewal, One Adult Five Season$360.00
Renewal, One Adult Five Season 2 Rod$435.00
Renewal, One Senior Five Season$290.00
Renewal, One Senior Five Season 2 Rod$327.00
Renewal, One Pensioner Five Season$200.00
Renewal, One Pensioner Five Season 2 Rod$237.00
Full Season
Renewal, One Adult Full Season$75.50
Renewal, One Adult Full Season 2 Rod$91.00
Renewal, One Pensioner Full Season$41.50
Renewal, One Pensioner Full Season 2 Rod$49.20
Renewal, One Senior Full Season$60.00
Renewal, One Senior Full Season 2 Rod$67.70
Renewal, One Junior (14-17yrs) Full Season$12.00
Renewal, One Junior Full Season 2 Rod$19.70

Licence Purchase

Five Season
Purchase, One Adult Five Season$360.00
Purchase, One Adult Five Season 2 Rod$435.00
Purchase, One Senior Five Season$290.00
Purchase, One Senior Five Season 2 Rod$327.00
Purchase, One Pensioner Five Season$200.00
Purchase, One Pensioner Five Season 2 Rod$237.00
Full Season
One Adult Full Season$75.50
One Adult Full Season 2 Rod$91.00
One Pensioner Full Season$41.50
One Pensioner Full Season 2 Rod$49.20
One Senior Full Season$60.00
One Senior Full Season 2 Rod$67.70
One Junior (14-17yrs) Full Season$12.00
One Junior Full Season 2 Rod$19.70
Short Term
One Person 28 Days$60.00
One Person 28 Days 2 Rod$67.70
One Person 7 Days$38.50
One Person 7 Days 2 Rod$46.20
One Person 48 Hours$23.00
One Person 48 Hours 2 Rod$30.70

Licence Upgrade

Same Person Second Rod
Same Adult 2nd Rod$15.50
Same Person 2nd Rod$7.70
Same Person 2nd Rod, 28 Day$7.70
Same Person 2nd Rod, 7 Day$7.70
Same Person 2nd Rod, 48 Hour$7.70
Same Person 2nd Rod, 5 Season$75.00
Same Person 2nd Rod, 5 Season, Pensioner$37.00
Same Person 2nd Rod, 5 Season, Senior$37.00
Replacement Licence$3.10

Information about trout fishing tours in Tasmania with “TROUT TERRITORY:Enjoy your next Fishing Trip in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Fly Fishing Guided Tours

Please contact Gary and Fiona:



03 6397 5001

Mobiles: Gary 0418 875 001
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Central Highlands Lodge

The Central Highlands Lodge offers welcoming accommodation on the shores of the magnificent Great Lake, in the small Central Highlands township of Miena, in Tasmania, Australia.

The spectacular drive from either Launceston or Hobart takes around 1.5 hours and the lodge has excellent proximity to some of Tasmania’s best lakes, trout and fly fishing.

7795 Highlands Lake Road
TAS 7030

T: +61 (0)3 6259 8179
F: +61 (0)3 6259 8351


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