uniden uhf radios

(Radio Frequency 476.425 – 477.400 MHZ)

UHF Radios are the most popular radio installed in 4 x 4 & trucks. They are best for communicating with a range of about 10 to 40km maximum. By using repeater stations it is possible to extend the range of these radios. So it is good to have one to communicate with fellow travellers in the area about road conditions, hazards, directions etc.

UHF radios available in both in car and hand held.

    Antenna Base for UHF


PDF Chart with the 80 UHF Radios channels and their use:

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Licenses for Repeater Channels 44 & 45 will not be licensed for an additional 6 to 12 months to allow extra time for owners of Channel 5 Emergency repeaters to upgrade equipment to meet the new standards
Channels 1 to 8 and 41 to 48 – Repeater Channels Press the DUPLEX button on your radio to used any available repeaters
Channel 5 & 35 – Emergency use only – Monitored by Volunteers, No general conversations are to take place on this channel
Channels 22 & 23 – Data transmissions only (Excluding Packet)
Channels 31 to 38 and 71 to 78 – Repeater inputs – Do not use these channels for simplex transmissions as you will interfere with conversations on channels 1 to 8 and 41 to 48
The Australian Government has legislated that channels 5 & 35 on the UHF CB Radios Band are reserved for emergency use only 

As at January 2007 the maximum penalties for the misuse of the legally allocated UHF Radios CB emergency channels are:

  • For general misuse. Individual 2 years imprisonment. Otherwise $165,000 fine. ($220 on the spot fine can be issued in minor cases)
  • For interference to an Emergency call – if an individual 5 years imprisonment, otherwise $550,000
If you interfere with another persons conversation just select another channel and do not provoke troublemakers that may deliberately search out other people provoke a reaction. Just ignore them.